Re: Multiple Content-Location headers

>Supposes a.gif and images/a.gif actually refer to the same image.
>And suppose the two HTML objects above have digital seals on them.
>Then, if you did not allow multiple Content-Location headers in
>the first body part, you would have to send the image twice, or
>you would have to modify the HTML invalidating the digital seals!

Or you could use the equivalent of an external-body part, or a
part that serves as a namespace catalog, or something similar to
the Alternates header field.  This would not be a frequent occurrence,
so the representation could be verbose.

HTTP cannot allow multiple Content-Location header fields unless the
syntax for the field-value is changed to allow multiple URLs separated
by a comma, which in turn would require that each URL be delimited.
Such a change is not going to happen at this point in the process.


Received on Tuesday, 13 January 1998 14:50:47 UTC