RE: Digest mess

My main point is that if digest does only one thing,
 prevent cleartext passwords, I am content.

If we can fix the digest proposal to do just that
and continue to move to draft standard, then we 
should to it.

Josh Cohen <>
Program Manager - Internet Technologies 

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> > I agree.
> > (feel free to correct me if Im wrong..)
> > There seems to be a lot of other protocols
> > or efforts which depend on HTTP um, security.
> > By having digest, they meet the IETF security
> > requirements, and may proceed.
> > If digest fails or comes out of the spec, this
> > will derail other efforts as well.
> Actually it could well be the other way around. If Digest continues on its
> present course and continues not to be implemented there are going to be
> problems moving to Draft Standard. And if Digest stalls at Proposed 
> so will all
> the things that depend on it.
> On the other hand, if Digest is "fixed"  the most that will happen is that
> will reset to proposed. This is not a big deal -- the most it will cause
is a
> delay. And if the "fix" facilitates implementation it will end up
> the advancement of other work that depends on it.
> The point I'm trying to make here is that continuing on the present course
> be the one thing that really isn't an option. So the question then
> which change to Digest that's currently under consideration will
> deployment and hence help the process along? (I do not pretend to know the
> answer to this.)
> > I know that we're supposed to avoid favoring
> > "process" over technical soundness, but in this
> > case, I dont think that applies.
> I think process issues do apply, although the way in which they do
> may not be obvious.
> 				Ned

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