Interoperability Test Survey (updated)


     It has come to my attention that some readers interpreted this as
     referring primarily to a physical get-together sort of test.
     This was not what I intended.  There has been some interest in
     doing that, but if you can only do testing over the Internet then
     please respond.

     I will post a more detailed proposal for a framework for testing
     over the net later today.

  This is a quick survey to determine whether or not we can organize
  some usefull interoperability tests between now and the December
  IETF meeting.

  Please send answers back to me (carefull with those 'reply' buttons
  :-) - for this round, I will anonymize them and present a summary to
  the discussion list describing the level of participation we might
  expect.  In the interests of getting some answer quickly, please
  don't wait until you have approval from 'on high' for this, even if
  you would need it to really do it (particularly with respect to a
  physical meeting) - an affirmative response does not represent a

  Some conditions for such testing that I would like us all to be able
  to expect:

  - Participants will provide whatever data they can to other
    participants to aid in resolving any problems.

  - Participants will refrain from discussing problems uncovered in
    other implementations during these tests.

  - In cases of disagreements over what the correct behaviour should
    be, the issue will be brought to the discussion list for resolution
    by both parties.

  Feel free to comment or expand on these in your response.

  - Implementation(s) you're interested in testing:
    client, origin server, proxy, robot, gateway, ...

  - Are you willing to volunteer to help coordinate the test?

  - Location:

    - Can you test over the Internet (including possibly restricting
      access to test participants known in advance)?

    - If a physical meeting can be arranged in Bellevue WA, might you

      If so:

      - How many people would you send?

      - Would 2 days be enough time?

  - Timing:

    - Earliest you could possibly be ready?

    - Latest time you'd be interested?

    - How much time are you willing to do testing?

    - Do you want a periodic event (once a week? once a month?)

  - Which features do you want to test?

  - Which features can you automatically test?

  - What other questions would you like in this survey?

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