Re: Interest in standard HTTP headers for specifying client display attributes?

>>>>> "MDW" == Mark D Wood <> writes:

MDW> Obviously, there are a wide range of client aspects that one
MDW> might want to know about, and it probably doesn't make sense to
MDW> add HTTP headers for all of them.  However, since images are
MDW> pretty basic, adopting a standard here would be useful.

  A look at the archives for this list will uncover considerable
  discussion of various mechanisms for passing all sorts of
  information about user & client preferences and capabilities, and
  little consensus on how or even whether this should be done.

  Various of these efforts will apparently proceed as efforts separate
  from getting the HTTP/1.1 spec stable.  Without disagreeing with the
  idea that this would be usefull, I for one would really prefer that
  it not be considered as a part of the 1.1 spec.

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Received on Thursday, 18 September 1997 08:18:37 UTC