draft-ietf-http-state-man-mec-03: $Version and path

I have tried to implement support for cookies in libwww-perl based on
draft-ietf-http-state-man-mec-03.txt and have trouble finding answers
to the following two questions.

  1) What to do for "Cookie: $Version=?" if the matching "Set-Cookie2"
     fields have different value of their Version attributes?  What if
     you have a mix of old "Set-Cookie" and "Set-Cookie2" fields that

  2) Can the path attribute contain URL escapes (%XX) as substitues for
     the "real" chars?
     Does '"Set-Cookie2: ...;  Path="/foo%2f%62ar"' match for a URL
     like http://www/%66oo/bar?   If not, what are the rules?

Gisle Aas

Received on Monday, 15 September 1997 14:34:58 UTC