Re: Compressing HTML

By the way, together with three researchers from AT&T Labs - Research,
I've just finished a technical report that attempts to quantify, using
large traces of actual Web users, just how much one can save by using
compression.  It also covers a technique called "delta encoding",
which is very similar to the Distribution and Replication Protocol
(DRP) being proposed within the W3C by Marimba, Netscape, Sun, Novell,
and @Home.

    Jeffrey C. Mogul, Fred Douglis, Anja Feldmann, and Balachander
    Krishnamurthy. Potential benefits of delta encoding and data
    compression for HTTP. Research Report 97/4, Digital Equipment
    Corporation Western Research Laboratory, July, 1997.
This is an expanded version of our SIGCOMM '97 paper, which I'll be
presenting next week.


Received on Wednesday, 10 September 1997 11:51:29 UTC