Re: Last-Modified in chunked footer

Dave Kristol:
>Koen Holtman wrote:
>> Did we already discuss the problem of a proxy which gets a chunked 1.1
>> response and forwards it unchunked to a 1.0 recipient?  It seems to me
>> that, if we don't define something different explicitely, this proxy
>> would be obliged to move all chunked footer-headers to the 1.0 message
>> header before forewarding the response as a 1.0 response.  This
>> obligation would be a pain because it requires buffering of the whole
>> response.  So we should either allow a proxy to drop the
>> footer-headers when converting to 1.0, or there should at least be some
>> advance notification that these headers will be present, so that
>> buffering can be avoided most of the time.  The first alternative
>> seems best to me.
>But a proxy that wants to convert a chunked response to an HTTP/1.0 (one
>chunk) response has to buffer the response anyway, no?  

No, it can forward the unchunked data on the fly and signal the end of
the 1.0 response by closing the connection.  And this method would be
the preferred one, because it allows the 1.0 user agent to do
incremental rendering.

>So it can easily
>move the headers when it sends the buffered response, and, while it's at
>it, add a Content-Length header.
>Dave Kristol


Received on Tuesday, 9 September 1997 11:18:14 UTC