Re: 301/302

Scott Lawrence wrote:
> >>>>> "RTF" == Roy T Fielding <> writes:
> RTF> It will be a while before applications can transition to using all of the
> RTF> features of HTTP/1.1 without looking at the User-Agent or Server field
> RTF> first, but we have to start somewhere.
>   How so?  If a server gets a request labeled HTTP/1.1, it should
>   treat it as one and respond with 1.1; the complexity of looking at
>   User-Agent values and making some decision based on them is too much
>   to contemplate (especially since many browsers lie in thier
>   User-Agent headers).

Practical experience has shown us (the Apache Group) that it is not
possible to deploy a fully compliant HTTP/1.1 server without making
allowance for broken browsers.

The complexity, we have found, is minimal, but it is, of course, tedious
that we have to do it.

I don't think it is true to say that "many browsers lie in thier
User-Agent headers", BTW.



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