> >issue: keep-alives in server
> > By default, persistent connections are supposed to be used in 1.1.
> > When a server receives a downgraded request from a proxy, which
> > came from a 1.1 client, should it respond with a connection: close?
> The downgraded request is HTTP/1.0 and will not include the keep-alive
> connection directive, so the server will not establish a persistent
> connection.  Apache 1.2 always sends "Connection: close" on non-persistent
> responses, even to normal HTTP/1.0 requests, but I don't think this
> should be a requirement (just a good idea).

But in HTTP/1.1, persistent connections are the default.  In other
words, if there's no Connection: header, it assumes keep-alive.  But
now the client will mistakenly think that the response is HTTP/1.1,
and assumes the lack of the Connection: header to mean that keep-alive
is on.

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