Re: 301/302

Josh Cohen <> wrote:
>>      The "307" proposal will allow CGI scripts to work with at
>> least 99% probability of success with both HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1
>> browsers.  Think about it some more.  Try it, you'll like it!!! :) :)
>So, am I correct in saying that the new CGI must check the version
>of the *REQUEST* before deciding which code to send back ?

	Yes.  And the old CGI scripts will work fine > 99% of the time,
because 302 is "General (temporary) Redirection" which 99% of the
HTTP/1.0 browsers convert to GET, and all of the HTTP/1.1 browsers will
do as well (at their "discretion" :).

>I assume that SERVER_VERSION is the server version, not the request
>version.  I dont have the CGI stuff in front of me, is there
>a variable to tell the CGI script what the request version was ?

	Heaven help us who are typo prone (and particularly those of
us who are getting old and senile :).  That's SERVER_PROTOCOL, and
it's whatever HTTP/major.minor version the browser, itself, claimed
in its request.


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