Short report, HTTP WG meeting

The HTTP working group is making good progress toward completing
the transition from Proposed to Draft Standard. At the meeting, we
reviewed the open issues and made good progress on many of them.
Some proposals for extensions to HTTP will result in 'Experimental'
RFCs.A "HTTP/1.1 interoperability test" is being planned for testing
implementations (browser, proxy, origin server) against each other.

RFC 2109 (state management) has technical difficulties; it seems likely
that we will recycle with a new draft that will be closer to current
(interoperable) implementations, and with a revised (but not weakened)
discussion of privacy considerations.

Content negotiation has a broader scope than HTTP, and some of the work
on it will result in work that may extend beyond HTTP-WG; others will
result in Experimental RFCs. Our revised charter calls for being mainly
complete with HTTP/1.1 by the December IETF, and with the possibility
that the group may close or become dormant soon after.

Larry Masinter

Received on Thursday, 14 August 1997 22:34:00 UTC