Klaus Weide <> wrote:
>This leads to another question.  Does the proposed OPTIONS probe
>actually *work* for an Apache/1.[23]* server acting as proxy?  As Roy
>has revealed Apache-as-proxy is one of the cases where HTTP/1.1
>response status is improperly forwarded.  I suspect (but cannot test)
>that the same server would respond as HTTP/1.1 when checked with
>OPTIONS, making the probe worthless.

	Ah!  An implementation issue, not a terminology issue. :)

	It *is* an HTTP/1.1 server, so one would not predict a serious
problem during this transition, just as the shortcut had no apparent
problem for the old HTTP/1.0 proxies during the HTTP/0.9 -> HTTP/1.0
transition.  It would become a problem for an HTTP/1.1 -> HTTP/1.2
transition.  But one can also predict that it will be fixed ASAP,
and hopefully the current Apache servers will all have been replaced
by then. :)

	By "serious" problem I mean that sharing of worthwhile information
fails (just to be clear about my terminology :).


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