Re: a positive "no thanks" to cookies?

On Sun, 10 Aug 1997, Shel Kaphan wrote:
> Fact: some people hate cookies.  They keep telling their browsers not to
> accept them.  
> Then, if a user told a browser not to accept a cookie, the browser
> could include a header line on subsequent requests whose meaning would
> be something like "Hey! Remember that cookie you tried to send me?
> Well, don't!"

Are repeated pop-up warnings a protocol problem?  Seems to me they're a UI
problem, not a protocol problem.  The browser _could_ (though indications
are the browser companies don't see the value in this) provide a better
set of cookie-rejection options to, for instance, avoid bugging the user
with repeated pop-ups. 


Received on Sunday, 10 August 1997 16:27:15 UTC