I read through the I-D, thinking about how an origin server that
supports cookies (i.e., RFC 2109) might respond to

	Compliance: rfc=2109

The problem is that (I believe) most of the support is not in the
server itself, but in CGIs.  Consequently, the server software may not
be able to answer authoritatively about whether RFC 2109 is supported,
because that may depend on what each individual CGI does.

What advice would the authors (or others) give?

Nit:  p.4, section 3.2:  I think the phrase "originating sender" is
a poor one.  From one perspective, the originating sender is the
client that initiated the request.  But I think it's intended to mean
the server that responded to the OPTIONS method.

Dave Kristol

Received on Thursday, 7 August 1997 12:29:39 UTC