Re: Implementation Experience Content Encoding

>>>>> "PM" == Patrick McManus <> writes:

PM> That's nice for you, but my content has a type of text/plain so I want
PM> to label it like that.  14.3 of the current draft tells me

PM>             If no Accept-Encoding field is present in a request, the
PM>             server MAY assume that the client will accept any content
PM>             coding....

PM> and I don't have an identity version of my resource hanging
PM> around.. (I deleted it because in this bizarre case disk space is
PM> mighty precious) so I sent back gzip and all hell broke loose on a
PM> couple mighty popular windows browsers.

PM> So am I doing something wrong, or is the spec misleading with its
PM> note?

  The spec says you MAY assume that the client will accept any
  encoding; it doesn't promise that will work, or place any
  requirement on clients to do anything about it.  If I were you I'd
  add gunzip-on-the-fly to my server so that you can send real

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