HTTP-WG new charter milestones

It's quite a while after the deadline for a revised charter/milestone
list, but here is my best estimate as to the schedule for HTTP-WG:

July 1997:"Hit Metering" to IESG as Proposed Standard

August 1997:
  "State Management Mechanism" to IESG as Proposed Standard.

Aug, 1997:
  discuss revised HTTP/1.1 internet draft
          revised PEP internet draft
          revised Content Negotiation Requirements draft
          revised TCN draft

September 1997:
-  Revised draft on Connection Management HTTP
-  Revised Content Negotiation Requirements draft

November 1997: all documents to IESG:
  + HTTP/1.1, as two or more documents, to become Draft Standard
  + requirements for content negotiation, to become Informational RFC
  + Transparent Content Negotiation, to become Experimental RFC
  + Feature registration, to become Best Current Practice
  + Connection Management, to become Informational or Proposed Standard
  + PEP, to become either Proposed Standard or Experimental

+ Dec 1997:
    Working group to suspend, close, or continue, depending
   on additional review necessary.

Received on Thursday, 31 July 1997 09:58:23 UTC