Re: an (unofficial) cookie draft

"David W. Morris" <> wrote:
  > On Fri, 25 Jul 1997, Dave Kristol wrote:
  > > Major changes since state-man-mec-02:
  > > 
  > > 	- add a $Port attribute to Cookie.  (I spontaneously added this
  > > 		when I realized it was needed for consistency with the
  > > 		$Path and $Domain.)
  > I think your words (on page 7 of the .ps chgbar version) aren't quite
  > right ...  the port attribute on the setcookie can have three states:
  >          not specified
  >          port
  >          port="portnum,..."
  > It isn't clear to me that your words allow for the 2nd case since 
  > there is no value for the attribute.   (Did the $ get dropped from

(Gee, the '$' appears in mine.  Which '$' is missing in yours?)
Yes, I agree the second case was left out.

  > the text in my postscript version?)  Anyway how about:
  >     The $port attribute must match the port attribute specified on the
  >     corresponding set-cookie2 header. That is, if port was omitted
  >     from the set-cookie2 response, $port must be omitted from the
  >     cookie: request header otherwise $port must be specified without
  >     a value if the set-cookie2 port attribute was specified without
  >     a value or $port must be specified with the same value specified
  >     for the port attribute.

Yeah, something like that.
  > [...]

Dave Kristol

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