Re: Removing CommentURL

> attribute). Rather than placing the responsibility on the protocol to
> provide potential confidence about a cookie, shouldn't it be placed on
> the content provider. Cookies are a mechanism by which one can store
> potentially stateful information and various bits of data, not one that
> provides a privacy issue/non-issue communication channel.

The point is not that the protocol provides confidence by providing either
the comment or the commentURL only that the protocol provides the 
content provider (aka server) with the ability to easily associate the
description of cookie usage or whatever they'd like to say with the 

What you propose guarantees that users will never look at the information
about cookies.  How do you expect them to find the information on
Netscape's or IBM's or Micorsoft's sites. The commentURL provides the
connection.  Otherwise it's a giant adventure game.

Dave Morris

Received on Saturday, 26 July 1997 21:28:37 UTC