RE: 301/302

Before someone beats me up, yes I know that 304 is already taken. I was
just trying to be symmetric. You get the idea, lets come up with two new
numbers that aren't already programmed into every script on the planet.

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> Subject:	301/302
> 1) HTTP 1.0 script is written which expect to get GETs.
> 2) HTTP 1.0 resource is programmed to redirect with a 301/302 to the
> HTTP/1.0 script
> 3) Server is upgraded to HTTP/1.1 but the HTTP 1.0 resource and the
> HTTP 1.0 script are not upgraded.
> 4) HTTP/1.1 browser comes along and sends a POST to the HTTP 1.0
> resource and receives a 301/302. HTTP/1.1 browser sends a POST to the
> HTTP 1.0 script. The HTTP 1.0 script gets completely confused because
> it was expecting a GET and the user never sees the proper data.
> My suggestion is, as horrible as this is going to sound, that we
> change the definition of 301/302 to redirect to GET and make 303/304
> be redirect, permanently or temporarily, with the same method. We
> can't force the whole world to rewrite all their scripts and our users
> aren't going to accept "Well gee, you know, the script is doing the
> wrong thing, it should send a 303 not a 301/302."
> 			Yaron

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