Re: Another try at OPTIONS

>>>>> "JM" == Jeffrey Mogul <> writes:

JM> How about this syntax:

JM>   	Non-Compliance =  "Non-Compliance" ":" 1#non-compliance-option
JM>         proxy-host = host [ ":" port ]
JM> 	non-compliance-option = compliance-option "@" proxy-host

JM> This just adds the hostname to each unsupported option listed in the
JM> received Compliance header, so we can use a simple comma-separated list
JM> of items.

  Looks fine.

JM> Anyone have strong feelings about 3a vs. 3b?

    (3a) ~= Proxies MUST NOT modify Allow or Public headers
    (3b) ~= Proxies MUST modify both Allow and Public headers to
            reflect what is possible through this proxy.

  Either is better than treating the two headers differently, but I
  strongly prefer 3a; I believe that alternative, combined with the
  information in Compliance and Non-Compliance headers, will provide a
  useful set of information to someone trying to debug why a given
  request is not working, and use fewer requests to get what they

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