Q: About transmission schemes ?

>From what does it depend how HTTP transmits special MIME typed data?
I mean are there different transmission schemes used (e.g. connection 
oriented, connection free, error tolerant ..)
If there are different schemes used is then the transmission automaticaly 
be delegated to a different protocoll or are there really different 
transmission schemes implemented within HTTP.

Is the QUALITY specifier in an ACCEPT Method really implemented?
I mean if HTTP is build on top of tcp then transmission should be
save in any case. So if I would specify a q<1 it would be of no use as
long the transmission is done by HTTP.

If you know of a better mailing list or newsgroup to place such type of
'user' oriented questions about HTTP please give me a hint. 

I would be very glad to receive at least some advice or hints wherelse to
ask if you find this question is answered thousands of times somwere else.

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