Re: HTTP response version, again

Abigail wrote:
> That's very interesting... you log and study all the requests your
> users do?

Quite often, yes.
> ++ And why is the reverse problem not being discussed?
> ++ I guess it must be fairly clear what should happen when a 1.1 client sends
> ++ a 1.1 header to a 1.0 server, so why not just follow that procedure for this
> ++ situation?
> I don't think you can reverse the situation. A client doesn't know
> which HTTP version the server uses; a server does know which version
> the client uses.
No, the server knows which version was in the request.  Our client
issues both 0.9 and 1.0 requests, and soon 1.1, as appropriate to
the situation.
> Abigail

Received on Monday, 30 December 1996 10:15:57 UTC