Re: Hostile webserver attack!!!!

At 22:55 +0100 24/12/96, Erez Levin wrote:
[blah blah about SYN-flodd attack...]

>Is any of you guys familiar with this "SYN-flood" bombimg method?  does
>anyone know how you can located this suspects and place them under a
>"black list" of forbidden sites?

1. The SYN-flood attack has been a well-known bombing method for quite a
few weeks (months?) now.

2. There is no way of locating the originator. The inherent principle of
the method consists of sending TCP SYN packets (the first packet in a TCP
connection, used to initiate it) with a false source address, so that the
destination cannot send the SYN_ACK back, and thus gets its table of
connection in "opening" (SYN_RCVD) state overflowed.

3. Most major OSes have been patched to resist SYN flooding.

4. To prevent your site, and downstream sites from yours, if you're an ISP,
from being a source of SYN-flood attacks, you should set up access-lists on
your border routers discarding packets with a source that does not match
the corresponding network(s).

Note that this is absolutely not linked to HTTP only, but to all TCP services.


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