Re: HTTP response version, again

Koen Holtman wrote:

>I feel that interoperability, which is the main thing the IETF is
>working for, would not be served by making the default configuration
>of Apache incompatible with AOL's 1.0 clients.  Interoperability would
>not even be served in the long run.  This would just cause a lot of
>pain for unsuspecting AOL users and unsuspecting Apache site
>maintainers.  Not to mention the mass media fallout.

I think you're perhaps missing or forgetting the point. AOL went out
of its way to cause this problem and has admitted that they did it to
try to FORCE http/1.1 servers (whih means Apache 1.2b to them)
to change their behaviour, such actions should not be tolerated.

It is not unreasonable for AOL to go out of their way to undo the change
now that they have been told that they have nothing to fear from http/1.1

At this stage I will use my veto on the Apache list to prevent the
default Apache configuration being compatible with AOL's sabotage.
That would leave us with tens of thousands of Apache 1.2 servers unable
to use http/1.1 features for 8 million AOL users for some time to come.
It is in AOL's best interest that Apache 1.2 identifies itself correctly.


Received on Sunday, 22 December 1996 06:14:51 UTC