New MIMEtype to ask for HTML HEADs? Other suggestions?

I would to raise a issue I want to thing about during Xmas, sure
you can make some valuable suggestion.

We are beginning to have some valuable head part in HTML documents;
META, PICS (?), TITLE, LINK,...  so this part is beggining to
be a document on his own.

Now, I wonder which would be the adequate method to retrieve all
this information. Clearly the old proposal of traslating META
to www-*: and then sending it in a HTTP HEAD is impractical,
both by size and consistency considerations.

So I see two alternatives: To ask for other
file type, say text/htmlhead, or to ask for 
some specific feature list whose answers results to be
only the head of the html.
The first alternative has the adventage of compatibily with 1.0,
so it could be done with current servers.

I can not think of other ways. A new HTTP method, by example,
would be excesive, and would introduce an spureous dependence
between html and http.  

					Alejandro Rivero


Received on Thursday, 19 December 1996 03:42:47 UTC