HTTP-WG summary

Here is the two-paragraph summary of the status of the HTTP working
group. Minutes forthcoming:

The HTTP working group met twice. We heard about (good) performance
results from HTTP/1.1 pipelining, and discussed several issues that
have arisen as implementations of HTTP/1.1 is proceeding. Some of
these may result in either clarifications or revisions of the spec as
it moves to Draft Standard.  There are a few major issues still left:
e.g., hit metering, content negotiation, and the working group will
keep going for at least until the next IETF.

There is confusion in the standards arena for security-related HTTP
protocols: SHTTP will be revised, there are proposals for new
authentication methods, and to revise the SSL Tunnelling
draft. Somehow these all need to get sorted out.  There are many
groups that want to use HTTP or something like it, but with
extensions. Some of those seem like they're appropriate (web
authoring) and others are more questionable. We're awaiting a new PEP
draft, and perhaps that will help.

Larry Masinter
Chair, HTTP-WG

Received on Friday, 13 December 1996 01:11:33 UTC