Reload page... without disconnect ?


	I was searching through

	and was surprised that it reloaded a page without javascript
	and that to with different data.

	When one preses the search button.. we get a CGI response of the
	present status of the search... and when all is done it loads 
	a new html file... without any java script.

	Infact... I had to struggle to see whether it had javascript 
	because the cache always showed me the latest page not the
	pre-reload page.

	I tried to telnet to port 80 and see what its doing... but it
	shuts me out before I send the http request.

	Any ideas of how its being done.... BTW OS/2's webexplorer refused
	to show me that intermediatory page... I use NETSCAPE other wise to
	watch that effect.

	I am building a http search server and want help to use this if
	http protocol supports this process.
Bye and thanks.

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Received on Tuesday, 10 December 1996 22:12:35 UTC