Re: Accept-Charset support

Larry Masinter:
>Perhaps one of the requirements for 'feature registration' should be a
>that the registration form contain N different URLs where the content
>actually differs depending on whether the feature is or is not
>At least then others would have some test cases.

We certainly thought about such a requirement when we were writing the
document, but we could not figure out how to put it in.

The problem is that, if these N different URLs already exist, this would be
proof that negotiation on the feature can already be done without
registering a new feature tag.

In general, it is hard to add an `actual usefullness' requirement without
having a review board in the loop, and we don't want to have a review board.

We do have the following field in the registration form:

   Applications or sites which will use this feature tag:       [optional]

    | For applications, also specify the number of the first version
    | which will use the tag.

the idea is that, if the author leaves this blank, this would be a good
warning sign that you should not take the tag too seriously.



Received on Sunday, 8 December 1996 04:03:24 UTC