Re: issue: what version?

At 12:05 PM 12/3/96 EST, Dave Kristol wrote:
>I don't recall whether the following issue was resolved on the mailing list:
>What protocol version number should an HTTP/1.1-compliant origin server
>send for an HTTP/1.0 request?
>There seemed to be two camps:
>1) Send HTTP/1.0 as the response to HTTP/1.0 requests (and HTTP/1.1 as the
>	response to HTTP/1.1 requests).
>	Pro:	HTTP/1.0 clients may only understand HTTP/1.0 responses
>	Con:	a client would never be able to determine whether a server
>		understands HTTP/1.1
>2) Send HTTP/1.1 responses always.
>	Pro:	the server advertises its capability
>	Con:    because the response (headers) must be HTTP/1.0
>		compatible, the server is "lying" about the kind of
>		response and may mislead or confuse the client.
>My preference is (1).
>Dave Kristol

We've been working with implementation #2 (taking care not to use
any 1.1 mechanisms that would cause problems to a 1.0 client when
the request indicates HTTP/1.0), and have not encountered any 
interoperability issues yet.  I've noticed that is running
a preliminary version of Apache v1.2 that returns HTTP/1.1 in its
responses -- Robert, have you folks gotten any complaints from 
any users?

Has anybody else done any "experimentation"?  

Steve Wingard
Spyglass, Inc.

Received on Tuesday, 3 December 1996 10:20:42 UTC