Re: What is a specification for? [was Re: Calculating Age Question]

Roy T. Fielding:
>As an author of the specification, I have a right to point out those
>parts of the specification which are known to be in error.
> This is not a matter of opinion, it is a fact based on
>both the original intent of the Age header field and the intent of the
>caching subgroup.

Original intent is irrelevant.  What matters is if the current
specification is buggy.

I agree with you that the age calculation specification is ugly and
wasteful, but I do not agree that it is `in error', i.e. that it has a
bug that must be fixed for 1.1 to work.  You have not convinced me
that something really bad will happen if the age calculations in the
current spec are used.

Now, I would applaud it if the obvious changes are made to the age
calculation text in the spec.  Not because the changes would fix an
error, but because the changes would make the spec less ugly.

> ...Roy T. Fielding


Received on Thursday, 28 November 1996 04:51:56 UTC