Comment on current HTTP/1.1 draft (v11/7)


I have a query on the intended behaviour of a 1.1-compliant proxy.  
If the proxy receives an HTTP/0.9 response from the proxied query, 
should it create a 1.1 response for its client?  If so, what headers 
would be required.  In particular, if a file is retrieved with an 
unknown type, what file type should be specified?

The draft spec doesn't seem to specify the desired/required 
behaviour.  The nearest I could find is section 13.5.2, however this 
does not really address this issue.  Many other sections specify 
appropriate behaviour of proxy/cache servers, so this seems as though 
it could be an oversight.

Jeremy Laidman                
Networking Consultant                            +61 0416 290866
Canberra Institute of Technology                  +61 6 207 4272

Received on Tuesday, 26 November 1996 20:55:04 UTC