Re: Hit-metering: to Proposed Standard?

    Demanding hitcounts from me is demanding that I provide them with
    further service for which I get nothing but more network traffic

But since the one and only goal of hit-metering is to allow more
caching, a cache would only offer to do hit-metering if this actually
reduces network traffic (on the average).  We have no intention
of promoting a design that increases network traffic on the average,
and we fully expect proxy managers to disable it if the consequences
are bad.  Some people will debate with us whether the frequency
of hit-meterable resources is above or below the threshold at which
hit-metering will pay off, but I see no argument against the existence
of such a threshold.

    and added complexity.

Caching adds complexity, content-negotiation adds complexity, and
support for persistent connections add complexity.  We all seem
to be willing to add a lot of complexity to support features when
the payoff is high enough.


Received on Thursday, 21 November 1996 17:02:10 UTC