Re: HTTP header suggestion/request (fwd)

Once upon a time Koen Holtman shaped the electrons to say...
>There already is an ad-hoc standard for it:
>  Content-type:        application/octet-stream
>  Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="fname.ext"
>and followups for more information.

Thank you very much.  I'd done quite a bit of digging and asking around but
never stumbled over this one.  I'd just given up and was ready to write a
new proposal.

>If you want to make it into a real standard for HTTP/1.x, you should
>start by writing a small internet-draft.

Is anyone else interested in reviving RFC1806 for incorporation into HTTP/1.1?

Frankly I've never written an internet-draft and I wouldn't mind working with
someone with some experience the first time.

Thanks again.
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Received on Friday, 8 November 1996 03:04:01 UTC