Re: Caching multipart data

Of course, Jeffrey Mogul is correct that at least in part this really a URI
issue in that there is no Content-ID scheme which will allow us to implement
caching at this level of granularity. Something off the top of my head
(which probably means it has a lot of associated problems) is that complex
objects could be encoded using external-body components with HTTP as the
access method. Of course, if a component has a URI which references the
same host as the origin server it (What if the URI is a URN and the host
is unknown? Or for that matter, how many times do we want to query name
authorities? It seems we might want to restrict ourselves to URLs here, but
I digress) should be possible to use the same  connection. Better yet,
individual components should be validated upstream if possible (perhaps even
on the origin server itself!) 
Gregory Woodhouse
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Received on Friday, 25 October 1996 15:57:59 UTC