Re: Server response version number

Larry> On a related issue, I'm concerned about the possibility that a
Larry> single server might 'downgrade' depending on the URL rather
Larry> than the version of the requestor: I think there are clients
Larry> that presume the version of subsequent responses based on the
Larry> version of previous responses.

I believe such servers are implicitly allowed by the definition of

  Likewise, any server may act as an origin server, proxy, gateway, or
  tunnel, switching behavior based on the nature of each request.

Imagine a proxy server that switches to tunneling behavior when
proxying for a 1.0 server, but is 1.1 otherwise.

However, the draft says this:

  Clients SHOULD remember the version number of at least the most
  recently used server

I don't think the version number of the server is actually knowable;
instead all a client can discover is the version number the server
used on the most recent request.

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Received on Monday, 21 October 1996 15:14:50 UTC