Re: PEP Battle Plan [rexmit, garbled]

>> Progress on an extension mechanism is essential because it is the future of
>> 1.x and binary encodings of it.
>I realize this is heresy here, but I have to wonder if it's worth
>building the extension mechanism into HTTP.

I don't think there's anything heretical about "declare victory and
move on."

I, ,too, don't think PEP is the future of HTTP.

>It would also improve scalability, fault tolerance,

I have my own favorite site of wire protocols to suggest here. :)

>ability to 
>screen files (for content ratings, price, language, etc.) before 
>downloading, selection of multiple variants of a resource (by 
>allowing the client, rather than the server, to make the selection),  
>client selection of multiple locations of a resource, etc. 

Sounds like a call for a directory service.

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