Re: 13.1.2 Warnings

> But in the situation that is of interest, this is not a case
> where the *end-client* doesn't understand the Warning (or else
> it wouldn't be an issue).  It's a case where a proxy *between*
> two systems that understand Warning doesn't understand it.
> So we're back to risking "undetected stale pages" in a situation
> where we could, in fact, detect them.

Which is what is the case always with HTTP/1.0 caches.  An HTTP/1.1
cache upstream shouldn't be required to try to "fix" a downstream
HTTP/1.0 cache (not that it's even able to, see my earlier scenario).

1.0 doesn't support stale data notification, period.  If you have 1.0,
you won't be notified, and you'll have to live with it, just like thus
far.  If you need notification, you need an all-1.1 proxy chain.

But you don't want 1.1 behaviour to make 1.0 caches work more wrong,
which is what would happen if a Warning header was sent to a 1.0

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