Transfer-Encoding questions

When decoding chunked (section 3.6): 
1) chunk-size is an arbitrary length hex string; however, it does not 
   say anything about byte order. 
   I presume, since the first digit cannot be zero except for the 
   ending chunk, that it is intended to be little endian? 
2) the spec is very vague on chunk-ext: it appears to be an extenstion 
   mechanism; what am I supposed to do if I don't understand it? 
   I presume ignore it. 
3) what is the point of the CRLF after the chunk-data?  We already know 
   the size; it is only likely to introduce bugs in implementations 
   that decide (falsely) that it is safe to just scan for CRLF. 
(a year too late once again)

Thank You, 
Richard L. Gray

Received on Friday, 11 October 1996 11:38:15 UTC