Re: draft-holtman-http-safe-00.txt (Gavin Nicol) wrote:
>>    b) which are (sometimes) used to submit data in a charset other
>>       than ISO-8859-1.
>> Case b) will be the increasingly common; web internationalization [2]
>> makes it necessary to use the POST method for form submission.
>The I18N draft does not make POST use mandatory at all. A Safe header
>could equally well be used to indicate that a GET-with-body result
>can be cached/reused.

	Yes, but as things *presently* stand in existing IETF RFCs
and IDs, to use ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" the FORM will specify
METHOD=POST.  This is simply an issue of minor wording changes.
The header is not solely for i18n, but i18n is an important factor,
and encouragement of i18n in its wording is desireable.

	I agree that the wording should not appear to ignore additional
possibilies for handling a variety of charsets in FORM content.


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