Re: draft-holtman-http-safe-00.txt

>Quoting from section 5.2 of [2] (draft-ietf-html-i18n-05.txt):
>   The best solution is to use the "multipart/form-data" media type
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>   described in [RFC1867] with the POST method of form submission.
>                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>Do you disagree with draft-ietf-html-i18n-05.txt, or with my
>interpretation of it?  I can't really tell from your comments.

This should be "best solution within the current framework". All the
I18N draft authors agree that message bodies are needed. Method
selection is not dictated by this however.

Received on Thursday, 10 October 1996 14:54:46 UTC