% Larry Masinter <> wrote:
% >The reason for asking for a separate draft is because of a combination
% >of factors, none of which depend on this being a 'big' idea: there is
% >not yet apparent consensus on the idea, and also, so far we are
% >handling proposed extensions to HTTP with separate drafts.
% >If we don't have a separate draft and apparent consensus on that
% >separate draft, then we won't be able to add this to the standard.
% 	It is not an issue of unfairness, but simply misperception of
% the situation.  I can see now that a separate draft was required for
% addition of a header (idempotent->redo-safe->safe) or method (repost)
% from the outset of his discussion.

I understand too that it's better to leave this feature in a separate

I was however wondering if any addition to 1.1 should be lumped together
and put in waiting list for 1.2 , or there is some shortcut, something
like tables' RFC in HTML. I know that probably it is more a political
issue, but for "simple" modifications a preferential route would be


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