Re: Draft text: The Core Feature Set (Sections 1 - 4)

Larry Masinter:
>Why not have 'feature' registration work the same way as 'media type'
>registration in IANA, rather than inventing another mechanism?

???  We are already planning to do this.  Some time ago, we were
discussing it with you in private e-mail.  I hope that we will be able
to finish a feature registration draft within a week.

We have been working on the core feature set first; it is hard to
define a good feature registration form if you don't have some
specific features to try as test-cases.

>See, for example,
>        draft-ietf-822ext-mime-reg-04.txt

Yes, this is the draft we are using as a basis.

>Some of the features listed are media type specific (html tables);
>others are independent of media type and cut across those boundaries
>(color, size). Shouldn't those be sorted out?

What do you mean by sorting them out?  The use of specific naming
conventions which indicate scope?

I don't know yet if we need something like a predefined set of feature
prefixes.  MIME types have such a prefix set and USENET newsgroups
have such a prefix set, so maybe feature tags also need one.  However,
at this point I have no idea what would have to be in the prefix set
for feature tags.



Received on Saturday, 5 October 1996 16:16:14 UTC