Re: (DNS) consensus wording

> Change to:
>  If clients cache the results of name lookups for performance reasons,
>  they are strongly encouraged to get and observe the TTL (Time To
>  Live) information reported by the name server.  If this is not
>  feasible, clients must not cache the results of name lookups for
>  longer than 10 minutes, and must immediately discard a name lookup
>  result if a network error occurs when using the result to initiate a
>  connection.

I have some additional ideas. Danzig., (SIGCOMM92 ??) shows that 
NEGATIVE caching DNS will help to reduce DNS traffic quite a bit. 
Negative cache means when DNS lookup fail (may be after 2-3 trails) for
that particular host, we should cache the result (the failure) for a short
time to avoid subsequent look up (which likely to fail again). Say 2 minutes.


Received on Saturday, 30 March 1996 17:59:10 UTC