Re: gethostbyname (was Re: (DNS) draft wording for W.G. review. )

gethostbyname() is part of the BSD System Interface and we can't change it
lightly.  Note that it is very general, pertaining equally well to NIS and
/etc/hosts as to DNS -- therefore widening it to include authentication or
TTL information would be irrelevant and possibly incorrect.

I am anxious to make progress on a DNS-specific host name lookup function
that can be optimized for the kinds of data that DNS has available.  But
gethostbyname() is not even the beginning of that answer.  Neither, for
that matter, is getconninfo() or whatever else Posix.12 specifies.

The right place for this battle to take place is actually Posix.12, since
applications will in the long term just call getconninfo() (or whatever),
and if we want those applications to care about authentication and TTL, we
need to make that argument _now_ while the interface is still malleable.

Received on Wednesday, 27 March 1996 12:35:35 UTC