Re: About that Host: header....

Roy says:
> Because it doesn't gain us anything more than just sending Host on
> all HTTP/1.x requests.  If there was something wrong with the Host
> solution, then I could understand the desire to do that.  However,
> given that there is nothing wrong with the Host solution, and Host
> has already been deployed, this all seems like a waste of time.

The things that are wrong with the Host: solution, to my mind, are:
- It STILL leaves us with a protocol where URLs are things that protocol
  entities have to break into little pieces and chew upon.
- It STILL leaves us with an UA-to-cache protocol that is incompatible with
  the UA-to-server and cache-to-server protocol.
- It STILL loses the method information.
- It STILL gives us no path to where it seems everyone wants to be, namely
  with full URLs, until we throw out HTTP/1.x altogether

These aren't "nothing". The question is which pain is lesser.

           Harald A

Received on Sunday, 24 March 1996 23:45:36 UTC