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On Sat, 23 Mar 1996, Roy T. Fielding wrote:

> Hmmmm, not quite.  It is okay for the WG to propose an incompatible change
> to the HTTP protocol for the proposed standard.  It is not okay to do so
> without indicating it through a change to the HTTP major protocol version
> number.  The ability of a client to send a full URL to the origin server 
> is an incompatible change, even when it is optional.

I don't see this as an incompatible change, assuming wording is put into
the spec along the lines of the following: "A client may not send request
to an HTTP server using a full URL in the request until it has determined
that the server is compatible with HTTP/1.1 or later."

If it is required that HTTP/1.1 servers support full URL requests, then
once a client has sent a partial URL request to a server, and gotten back
a response tagged with "HTTP/1.1", it seems to me that there is no reason
that the next request to that server cannot be in full URL form.

Am I missing something (most likely)?

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