Re: Issues Beyond HTTP/1.1 ???

>Alex Lopez-Ortiz writes:
> > 
> > Issue 1:
> > 
> > When a user stops a transmission, the CGI's generated do not get 
> > killed. Am I correct to say that this is so because the HTTP protocol
> > does not contemplate an "transmission interrupted" signal?
> > 
> > Is there any knoen solution known to this problem that does not
> > involve changes to the protocol?
> > 
>Your CGI program ought to get a SIGPIPE signal when the server
>instance goes away, which will happen when the TCP connection goes away.

First off, thanks to all who replied. SIGPIPE works. 

Are there any other situations (with persitent connections and the like) in 
which we might need to explicitly inform the server of the interruption?
Would that be just a waste of bandwith? Comment? Opinions?


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