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I need more information

From: <djoko@pusdata.dprin.go.id>
Date: 19 Mar 1996 00:30:46 +0700
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 My name is Djoko Kris Sundoro from Indonesia. I'm collage student
 at STMIK Gunadarma Jakarta Indonesia. I need more information about
 hypertext and Internet. I need that information because I want to
 learn to write a book about Hypertext. The Book title is "Mengapa
 Hypertext begitu di gandrungi pada Internet" or in English language
 is " Why the Hyperext its very populer in Internet user ".

 And I hope you can give more information about :

 1. What it's Internet
 2. What it's HTTP and Hypertext

 I think for this time I just give you two question and I hope you
 will be answer for the question.

 I was really sorry if i make mistake in my English Languge.
 Thanks before.

 Best Regards


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