Re: HTTP version number

I propose a simpler rule:

> You may use "HTTP/1.1" as your protocol version only if you are
> willing to guarantee that all HTTP/1.1 headers used will mean what
> HTTP/1.1 says they mean, and all HTTP/1.1 directives will be
> followed.

In practice, this will mean that simple 1.1 proxies that don't want to
rewrite headers will use the "minimum" algorithm: if the client is
1.0, they'll pass on 1.0.  More complex proxies might want to upgrade
even 1.0 clients to 1.1 protocol on the way out, but at an additional
cost, e.g., to upgrade a 1.0 client to a 1.1 call to a 1.1 origin
server, a proxy might have to introduce "cache-busting" techniques to
guarantee that 1.1 cache directives are followed, or deal
directly with 301 or 302 results from a POST, etc.

Received on Saturday, 16 March 1996 08:38:11 UTC