unnecessary chatter on closed issues (multipart vs chunked)

Dear working group members:

Can you please try to keep others from reopening topics that we've
already discussed and closed? I'm sure there are many topics besides
multipart vs. chuncked that we *haven't* already discussed and beaten
to death.

If someone raises something and you think the issue is closed or was
already addressed, please reply privately.

Phill: chill. I have no notes anywhere that anyone is going to do
anything to break 'chunked in 1.1'. I answered you privately that this
didn't appear in the minutes, wasn't a decision that I believe is
credible. Why you continue to flame about this baffles me. Stop it.

I suppose it's just my selfish desire not to come back to a mailbox
full of topic repeats.

As far as I'm concerned, we are now beyond the realm of 'discussion of
issues'. Jim Gettys is now preparing a revised 1.1 draft based on the
discussion held so far, with some help from designated assistants on
specific sections. The WG mailing list is open for those who are doing
drafting of various subjects to solicit advice on wording or
clarification of positions if they want, but it's out of scope at the
moment to raise new issues.

When there's a new 1.1 draft, there'll be time to critique it.

Received on Friday, 15 March 1996 21:52:56 UTC